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2-day Leadership Programme for Individuals

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You may be wondering what value this Leadership Programme hold for you as a leader and your business. Here are just a few things to keep in mind.

We want to make better leaders with a strong emphasis on empathy and team culture.

We offer a leadership development programme designed specifically for you; we work with your authentic leadership style. This training is about building on what you are good at.

We support you in your leadership development by providing you tangible leadership tools, ensuring that we deliver precisely what you need for your team to thrive

The Helm Leadership Programme is Conducted by Helm HR Consultancy’s Regional Manager, Sine Ravn, who has more than 15 years of experience within Learning & Development and Leadership Training.

The 2-day Leadership Training covers 6 modules with a maximum of 12 participants to ensure interaction and engagement. The training is a mix of lectures, exercises, and home work, with a combination of tangible tools and working with your personal authentic leadership.

What will you get if you participate?

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Training materials with content relevant for the training

  • Feedback form for leader, colleagues, and employees

  • Reflection sheets

  • Tip of the week for 3 months


Helm Leadership Programme's 6 modules:

Module 1

  • Introduction of participants and facilitator

  • What is leadership – various leadership styles

  • Leadership vs Management

  • Authentic leadership – how do you find your own style

  • What kind of leader are you?

Module 4

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Asking questions

  • What is coaching and mentoring

Module 2

  • Performance Management

  • What is performance management?

  • Why and how performance management goes hand in hand with people development

  • How do you lead and inspire your team?

Module 5

  • Recruitment and onboarding

  • How do you find the right candidate for your team

  • What is your role as a leader to ensure your new employee succeeds?

Module 3

  • Feedback

  • Learn to give impactful feedback

  • How our ability to give impactful feedback affects our success as leaders

Module 6

  • Communication and Change Management plus what to do from here

  • How and what do you need to communicate effectively

  • Your role as a leader during Change Management

  • Last session – what’s next?

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