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Influential Leadership


What will you get out of it?

  • In depth practical development of competencies for your role as leader

  • Hands on training in various topics like change management and feedback

  • Increased knowledge on theory behind influential leadership

  • Identifying what you need to do to have a bigger impact in your organisation

  • Training material

  • Certificate of completion

This 2 day training course gives you insight and training in how to influence and impact your organisation and the colleagues you work with, even if you don’t have direct leadership responsibility.


We will work on how Leaders of influence create followers their organisation. We will work with tangible tools like feedback, change management and communication.

In addition, we will work to advance your personal influence in your organisation, developing your personal strengths to ensure maximum impact.


The training is a mix of lectures, group work and exercises. When you leave the training, you will have tangible tools to use in your organisation.

What will the Company get out of it:

  • An influential leader who works well with the rest of the organisation

  • A leader that can support senior management’s mission

  • A leader who can create a strong impact on the organisation

  • A leader that others want to follow

During the training, we will work on the following topics:

  • What is influential leadership and how to become an influential leader

  • Trust – how trust is the foundation for influence

  • Feedback - Giving tangible feedback is essential to engage your organisation.

  • Communication - How do you communicate authentically with your organisation, leaders and peers?

  • Change Management

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