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Face-to-Face Training

Helm HR Consultancy offers leadership training in various areas as well as a 3-day leadership training course.

Our courses are either open courses where anyone can join or company-specific courses where we train leaders at a specific company and customise the training to the given company’s culture and processes.

Within our standardised training packages, we offer the following subjects:

3-day Leadership Training

This training focuses on tangible and concrete tools you can use directly in your daily leadership role.

The training covers:

  • Feedback

  • Coaching and questioning techniques 

  • Difficult conversations

  • Performance management

  • People development

  • Communication

  • Employee engagement

  • Recruitment and onboarding

  • Change Management

The training is a combination of lectures, practical assignments, etc. The course is divided into modules so you will have time to practice what you have learned in between the modules. The target group for the course is front-line leaders/middle managers who want tools they can use in their every leadership role.

This training is for the hiring manager or HR professional who wants to master the recruitment process; from making a job brief to identifying relevant competencies with the candidate by learning questioning techniques as well as how to work with cases during interviews.

Duration: 0.5 day or 1 day

Format: Face-to-face (we also offer online training)


This course is for HR professionals and leaders who want to understand why they need to focus on onboarding, and how a professional onboarding programme will help increase productivity for all new joiners as well as decrease turnover.

In this course, you will learn how to design an effective onboarding programme.

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Online or face-to-face

Change Management

If you want to learn how you as a leader can work with Change Management, this is the course for you.

In this course, you will learn what your role is and how you can help your team through a time of change.

Duration: 4 hours

Format: Online or face-to-face


This training which comprises a combination of exercises and lecture, will give you a solid foundation to get started with giving concrete and effective feedback.

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Online or face-to-face

For further information on the above training, please contact our Regional Manager Sine Ravn at

Recruitment Training
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