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Single Module Training

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Recruitment Training for Hiring Managers

When interviewing candidates for a job, it is imperative for hiring managers to have the skillset to conduct a good interview and execute a positive process with potential candidates that come into the business.


This course takes you through 3 steps of an interview. After the course, you will be able to ask relevant behavioural questions to identify candidate competencies during the interview.

How to Give Impactful Feedback

We very often hear that we need to give feedback and nurture a feedback culture in our company. However, many leaders struggle to give relevant and impactful feedback.


This course gives you hands-on training on when, why and how to give impactful feedback. After the course, you will be able to give tangible feedback at the appropriate time and place.

From Difficult to Constructive Conversation

Every now and then as a leader, you need to facilitate a difficult conversation with one of your employees to correct behaviour or performance.

This course gives you guidance on how to prepare for the conversation and how to structure the conversation so you will have a fruitful conversation, and you will be able to prepare and facilitate a difficult conversation that helps you and your employee to have a constructive dialogue.

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